Story Behind The Song

Skeletons was a track Damon sent me a demo of a decade ago. At the time I just didn't have the write melody or tune in mind and we gave up on it. 10 years later and Damon had already released the track in his own right. He worked on some of the dynamics and I worked on lyrics and melody that could capitalize on the strength of the music. In the end we released it as our first single as a new band!

Song Description

Skeletons was written about everything that's holding a person back in life. Weather it is lies, fears, mistakes, etc.....if something is holding you back from being the best version of you possible it is a skeleton.

Song Length 4:06 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Stressed, Anxious Subject Worry, Lies
Similar Artists Metallica, Bon Jovi Language English
Era 2000 and later


They've been knocking on my doors
they've been coming through the floors
Im feeling sick and insecure
Ive been wanting so much more
They're haunting me

So many skeletons
Are haunting me
So many skeletons
are haunting me

I think of all my lies
in my darkened soul
will I make things rightwhile my blood runs cold

They're haunting me

So many skeletons
Are haunting me
So many skeletons
are haunting me

Interesting form the start, with good lyrics and well sung. Well recorded and put together. Old school baled sound with modern beats and rhythms. I like the introduction of the acoustic interlude it adds a great transition and then back to the power baled. Very well done thanks so much for sharing

I really enjoyed the overall feel and vocal on this song. Solid playing and the lead vocal suits the tune completely. Instrumentation sounds great and when the lead guitar kicks in it comes in with a hammer. Nice.

This is a really strong alternative rock tune!! Production/musicianship/vocal all sound completely pro and radio ready to me!!

Very well arranged and well performed piece, full of energy. Very nice change of pace when the strings come in. Great guitar work.

everything seems to work well here...powerful tune

Like the short intro, excellent rock guitar sound, like the break @ 2:37, good string patch sound & acoustic guitar sound, love the guitar & drum licks @ 3:03 leading into solo, good drum sounds, well mixed,this is a big sounding recording, reminds me of Stained, good job!


Here's a rock song about the skeletons the writer has in his closet that haunt him. The lyrics are spare and simple, communicating a message of despair. The vocalist does a good job of expressing the hopelessness. Favorite lyric "while my blood runs cold." Some really nice guitar work in there, a combination of crazy-mad electric to peaceful/pretty acoustic. I actually liked the gentle acoustic part better than the raging part, though both are well-played. This is an interesting song.

Love the guitar solos, and your voice is very commercial. Very original concept. Overall, I loved the song.

I like the way the song starts and just how well the instruments sound together, great drums and lead guitar. I love the lead singers voice it has such a great quality - sounds a little like REO Speedwagon.

Lyrics Sam Look Music Damon Paoli
Producer Damon Paoli
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