Welcome to the official Frank Catenacci website. This website was put together because Frank Catenacci loves to express himself through music. And just plain loves that guitar sound. Here you will find interesting progressive type of music and Frank Catenacci's general background, as well as downloading his music. Frank Catenacci's instrumentals are progressively driven, laden with intricate solos and riffs that will hopefully keep you hooked. Frank Catenacci performs all of the guitars, bass, drum programming and records all his songs in his project studio in southern Ontario.
If only one of Frank Catenacci's songs sparks your interest, then you've made him truly happy. Please leave comments if you wish.
Thanks again for listening.


I have been playing guitar since I was 10 years old. I was inspired by a woman who lived up stairs. My dad noticed how I stopped and listened when she played, so he bought me an acoustic guitar. I never really played in a band, but I would jam in my bedroom for hours trying to play like my guitar hero's. I did put the guitar down for a few years in high school, but when I heard some local rock/blues bands it really got to me. So, I picked that guitar up and started playing again. I had some music lessons with Alex Zonjic, and I thank him for teaching me good technique. And now I have been rockin' steady for 40 years...enjoy!


Ace Frehley
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Richie Blackmore
Eddie Van Halen
Carlos Santana
Billy Gibbons
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Joe Satriani

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