Singer/Songwriter who puts her heart into every song she sings and writes. 25 years plus in the music business as a touring musician, music conservatory studies in voice and piano and now? Full-time songwriter who also "happens" to be in the music "business" side of things as well. Please read-on, as this is just the beginning.

So, what does it mean to be a "Green" Songwriter? It's all about taking small steps to make a difference everyday in your own living environment * RECYCLE * USE LESS PAPER * BE AWARE OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND LOVE IT! In addition, to writing environmentally "conscious" songs, Donna is also a writer for the Songs of Love Foundation writing personalized children's songs for children who are ailing.

Donna studied at Berklee College of Music and has performed in thousand's of venues since she was 15 years old -

"Dream Big Dreams".. Donna sure is.

Latest News

Donna is proud to announce that she has just licensed 5 of her songs to the upcoming Rock Band videogame! "DREAM BIG DREAMS"

Donna is a composer for the Songs of Love Foundation in New York.. It is an absolute honor to be a part of this organization.


Donna Britton has been writing songs since she first attended Paul Reisler's songcamp in 2001 - then it was off to Berklee College of Music. Then numerous NSAI workshops and conferences.. It's been a whirlwind ever since. In 2008, Donna performing at Florabama and showcases around the Nashville area. Genre? Pop - rock - Favorite word sharing partners? Kat Korac, CJ Watson, Evan Olson and Bryan Steele. Of course Donna still writes children's music too. Sleep? What's that?

Donna is proud to be a composer for the Songs of Love Foundation in New York.. This non-profit organization provides speciality songs for children who are ailing. She joins a talented group of writers like Burt Bacharach, Quincy Jones and Elton John. Please see

25 years (plus) in the music business gives Donna a wide-range of expertise in the entertainment industry.. both on the business and artist side of things. She was signed to an indie record label at the age of 19 and toured the West Coast playing venues like the Roxy, Troubedour, Improv, The Palomino- opening up for acts like The Bangles, Al Jarreau and yeah, Billy Idol too. Donna was also an on-air personality for 89.9 WPER Christian Radio for 3 years.

Placements/CUTS: "Dream big Dreams" - COBT Corporate Film, "I'm all Country", cut by indie-artist Floyd Vanlaningham. "Fool's in love" by Natalie Rose", "Truth about Wings" by indie-artist Claudia Carawan, "I'm all Country" by indie artist, Brandon Hutcheson

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