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A man , or women comes to a juncture in their life at which cross roads to take, turn. Some are blessed to find the way, some do not, some never will. It is by God's grace, mercy, that one takes his burden , his load is happy at it's contents. Aleee has been given the next level of Gospel , Christian music .. It is ad vocative, provocative. Strong. above all communicates the word, presence of Jesus. Their is subtle, out-right promise to the lines, precept's. The ways in which you are turn by a phrase, a word in due season. His desire to push you past the limits you have set , and make new levels of appreciation for Christ sacrifice for you. He comes from very humble beginning's. His lot has been to see the ends of life's sorrow's pains , and out of the ashes begin a new thing in the Lord .A thing based on principles not allowing the enemy's excuses minions' or scenario ethic's to prevail against the gates of heaven .His life being lost almost several times, spa
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