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“I loved THE BOYS WE ARE...Your band's name could not be more apt and brought to mind old favourites like Tom Waits, blended with modern country rock."

- Tara Hanks, novelist
Author of “Wicked Baby,” a novella, and “The Mmm Girl,” a
novel about Marilyn Monroe.

Dramatic stories, literate lyrics and innovative music that pours from one Wyld, Dark Heart to another.

"The Boys We Are," an album of 13 original songs, is available now. A promotional CD with interim graphics is available for review now,

Feel the beat of this Wyld, Dark Heart today -- at www.tomwyld.com.

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[Note: I really am a military veteran -- Navy -- and wear the Vietnam Service Medal. Don't blame the reporter for getting that wrong in this otherwise superb article. Blame my laryngitis which was in full bloom during the interview! -- Tom]

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Wyld, Dark Heart

Who's got a line on a Wyld, Dark Heart?

"In old Anglo-Saxon, his last name means fate."

- His old English Lit professor.

"He was named after my brother, Tom. After he came back from the war, he went joy-riding one night with fellow veterans. They came across a truck heading right at them at a bridge in North Philly. It was his great uncle who chose to drive the car off the bridge and into Pennypack Creek. Saving everyone but himself. Tom was like that. Tommy is, too. And he got everything right in the song "The Boys We Are" song. That's what makes the song so troubling. It's all real.

- Annie. His great aunt.

"Yeah, that song. Reminds me. He dove into Pennypack Creek one time? Right by that same bridge where his great uncle went in? Yeah. Guess what? He couldn't swim a lick then. He went under, I mean, like a rock straight under. We still don't know who saved 'im. It was like the creek spit him out saying, I'm not ready for you. Not yet. Not now."

- Bucky. Friend who drove a blacked-out, moon-capped '50 Chevy. Maybe still does.

"He spent weekdays with his grandparents (in Philly by way of England) and weekends with his grandparents (from Ohio by way of South Georgia). His grandfather from Georgia taught him 5-string banjo, fiddle, mandolin and guitar when he was 12. At square dances, he'd flat-pick guitar while his grandpop called. Saturday nights, they'd listen to WSM and WCKY and play til dawn. He got into rock and classical after his grandpop pulled a knife on his dad."

- Bucky again.

"I taught him two things. First, singing is athletics. Second, told him don't spread yourself thin: you don't have to know everybody in every pub. Stick with one pub and know everybody there well."

- Graham. His opera, acting and singing coach.

"He liked the Beatles, adores the Stones, but he'll always have one foot in a pile of doo-wop records, the other somewhere else. Classical music. Maybe jazz. Or South American. Or one of his favorite Johnnys: Horton, Cash or Burnette.

- Jane. High school sweetheart.

"Whether we're talking about the guitar you play or the motorcycle you ride, it's all about the girl. He knows that, 'cause I taught him that. It's all about the girl."

- A brother, 13 Rebels Motorcycle Club.

"Like me, he made one-too-many cruises, drove one-too-many ships. We pay for that. The coin is family."

- Cap'n Jim. Skipper.

"Keep him outa white Cadillacs and Milano, Texas, and he'll do fine."

- Anonymous.

Text (c) 2006 Feathermerchant Music. From the liner notes of the album "The Boys We Are" by Wyld, Dark Heart.


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