Dave Turner was the leader and founding member of The Blue Olives, Wisconsin's Premier blues funk band. The band started in 1994 and has has up to 10 members at one time. In 2010 the band reduced to a 5 piece. The band has a DVD and several CDs out including "Pimento Project", "Ripe", "Marmalade" , "juice", "raw", and "Bootleg."

The Dave Turner Project is a studio project with 3 full length CDs. The first CD, Rise and Fall of Moses Mcbride" is a Zappa like concept CD. The second release "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Groove" is a guitar based jazz fusion CD. The project is currently working on the 3rd CD which is largely acoustic based called Love Tales and many cuts are on this site(some under different names).

Dave Turner is a studio owner, producer, touring musician, and composer who works in commercial, tv, film, and live performance/production.

Latest News

I have started a new band called Nothing But Groove in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


We have started our CD project.......
The new band features:
Mikey Wright
Chuck Lucero
David Capute
Ryan Clement

David Turner

David is the owner of Turner Creative Music, home of Turner Creative Studios, The Blue Olives, and The Dave Turner Project. His musical endeavors go back to grade school where he studied trombone. After picking up the guitar in junior high school, David wrote and produced a rock musical in his senior year of high school. After many bands and years on the road David started the band The Blue Olives in 1994. He incorporated horns into his writings on the guitar and blended commercial composition with band arrangements after building Allegro Studios in 1993. The Dave Turner Project - The Rise and Fall of Moses McBride was the first CD out of Allegro Studios co produced with Dean Fisher. The Blue Olives then began playing 150 shows a year and have every since. David is currently writing a double CD of acoustic guitar and vocal music to be released in 2011. He is also writing for commercial, tv and film applications.

The Blue Olives Band

The Blue Olives are a band of studio musicians who enjoy jamming (spontaneous composition) blues, funk, Jazz, Classic Rock, and R&B oriented material. We started as a 3 piece jazz fusion group, but soon changed to form the house band for a local blues jam in the Chicagoland area. We added horns, shuffled some members, and finally all the pieces were in place! We have gone up to a 10 piece band but are now, primarily, a 5 piece band. With over 200 songs to chose from covering everything from the dance hits of the 70's to Steely Dan to BB King to Bob Marley, We can do just about any gig with extreme confidence! Our motto is "adapt, conquer, and above all else . . . .entertain".
2019 is going strong for the band as they continue to perform. The Olives have released 6 CDs and a DVD. Footage includes our performance opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Summerfest 2003, and a New Years Eve 3 screen blow out!
Versatility and musicianship are two of the bands strengths as many styles of music are brought together at any one time to form one entertaining evening's worth of great music! Elements of jazz, funk, rock, reggae and the occasional tv theme are tightly woven into a classic rock cloud creating The Blue Olives' unique blend of music. Our scrapbooks are full of references and places of employment from corporate parties to festivals to agency work to bar shows, they speak for themselves(and are available upon request). Not many bands have the Blue Olive drive to provide a true musically entertaining experience that is time tested and professional.

"You guys are pretty good" - Lynyrd Skynyrd.

"Upbeat, slick and well juiced blues and blues rock backed with swingin sassy horn and a gutsy robust vocal blast"-Maxinmum Ink Sept 15, 2009

The Blue Olives current line up:
Joan Herzing - sax, vocs
Johnny Payne - bass, vocs
Anton Seda Jr - trombone, vocs
Todd Phipps - Keys, vocs
Joe White - Drums
Mr. G - guitar, vocs
Dave Turner - guest guitar, vocs


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