Welcome to the website of Boston based guitarist /composer Craig Hlady and Craig Hlady music services which includes live performances, guitar instruction and studio production/recording services at Tower Production and Recording
Craig is also available as a session guitarist for local and internet based projects.

Craig Hlady is a faculty member at the renowned Berklee College of Music, where he is a Professor of Guitar and endorses D'Addario guitar Strings and Celestial Effects pedals.

Craig Hlady Bio

Craig Hlady, originally from Chicago, is a talented guitarist, composer and arranger. Well versed in a variety of musical styles, he has played on and produced hundreds of studio recording sessions, and has toured the U.S.to New Zealand as a sideman and with his own groups. He currently performs jazz in and around the Boston area with The Craig Hlady Quartet, and and with blues/R&B band The Part Time Lovers .
In addition, Craig owns and operates Tower Production and Recording, a studio specializing in artist music production, and music for film and TV in a variety of styles including Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, a Blues Electronic and orchestral . Craig is also a faculty member at the renowned Berklee College of Music, where he is a Professor of Guitar and endorses D'Addario guitar Strings and Celestial Effects pedals.

The Dedham Jazz Project Reviews

After listening to music this good, it's a wonderment why there aren't more local clubs supporting it. Jazz guitarist Craig Hlady is a contemporary six- stringer that maintains much of the roots and traditions that influenced him. On his latest release, The Dedham Jazz Project, Hlady teams up with a venerable collection of who's who on the Boston Jazz scene. What's especially cool is that all 15 songs are originals penned by Hlady, drummer Matt Gordy or pianist Norbert Kael, so from song to song you get a real good feel of Hlady and the band's compositional style and arranging skills. It's truly top shelf stuff and a CD you'll have to make a point of checking out for yourself. Outstanding!
Reviewer: Douglas Sloan - Metronome Magazine Boston

With a lineup of Boston area musicians including numerous Berklee faculty members past and present, as well as other experienced recording artists, The Dedham Jazz Project sets some high standards. Luckily, Craig Hlady and Friends do not disappoint, and the band?s new album is a solid collection of traditional small combo jazz.
Many of the numbers are in a typical laidback lounge style, featuring simple but memorable heads, expanded upon by solo improvisations that are impressive without resorting to inappropriate pyrotechnics. In keeping with the best of the tradition, the songs establish moods evocative of their titles without the benefit of lyrics. The very opening of the album provides three solid examples of this in ?6:04 p.m.,? ?Strollin Down the Avenue? and ?Beautiful Silence.?
Instrumentation varies throughout the album, at times providing subtle textural variations and at others creating more disparate sounds. Still, the variations fit well within a cohesive whole; The Dedham Jazz Project plays like an album and not like a compilation.
?Take the Wes Bound Lane? departs only slightly from the preceding tracks with the inclusion of the Hammond B3 organ, creating a slightly more modern edge, appropriate to the title. It is followed by the more obviously dissimilar ?Snowflakes on my Windowsill,? the sole vocal track, on which Rebecca Parris is absolutely captivating, exercising an easy command of her throaty, velvet voice. Other notable variations include ?Enchanted Forest,? in which Hlady?s acoustic guitar almost sounds like a mandolin as it intertwines with the cello, and ?Fourway Street,? which has a noisier feel, replete with disjointed rhythm work and more aggressive soloing, especially Les Arbuckle?s tenor sax.
Craig Hlady and Friends deliver the goods; there is not a bad track on The Dedham Jazz Project. An eminently enjoyable listening experience.
Northeast Performer Magazine by Brian McGrath


Emmett North Jr.
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some MIGHTY TASTY picjkin on that "Down Home Blues" my friend. Would like have my guitar at that Campfire! Catnip

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Craig Hlady
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Thank Patrick!

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Your music is fantastic! Great work!

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