Award winning composer Rebecca Lloyd has attracted worldwide attention for her original music for films, television and the concert hall. Rebecca's success is accredited to her intuitive orchestration, whether it is writing a powerful theme or lightly colouring a scene to let the story take the forefront and follow the movements of characters and dialogue very subtly with the score, Rebecca is able to deliver a quality score to a strict and minimal deadline.

"Fuelled by passion and flair, Lloyd writes music introducing an original and distinctive style that compliments and enhances the film experience" Bob Sommerville

Latest News

Lloyd's scores will be featured in a performance at the Black Tie Gala for Australia Week. A prestigious event, which includes prominent film executives, American film & tv industry reps, producers, directors, actors.

Lloyd's score for the latest Vanessa Williams film "And Then Came Love" has been released internationally this month. (September 2007)

Lloyd's score for "Shooting Johnson Roebling" was nominated for best feature film at the Hoboken International Film Festival June 2007.

Rebecca Lloyd

Fuelled by passion and flair, Rebecca Lloyd is an accomplished film composer, producer, conductor and classically trained musician.

Graduating with a BA in Music (Composition & Performance) from the Australian National University in 1999, Lloyd created her own exclusive musician's agency Sweethearts Music Management and began a career a professional composer and flautist.

A post graduate degree in Film and Television Production at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2005 afforded Lloyd an intricate understanding of music's role in supporting the dramatic structure of film. Here she found her life's passion, film composition.

Inspired by dance and movement, Lloyd composes music with rhythm and drive, her pieces ranging from pure classical moving into experimentation with modern contemporary music and collaborations with rock and dance producers including Tribe with New World Records and Touche` with MGM.

In 2002 Rebecca staged a major coup by securing a commission from China's largest TV Network that saw her compose, conduct and arrange the music for the "History of the World" which went on to be screened to an audience of over 1 billion people

Lloyd is now based in Los Angeles, though was initially brought to New York in 2006 by studio World Wide Audio Inc as a resident composer in addition to her own freelance work.

Rebecca has already composed original scores for two major Warner Bros. feature films, "Twisted Fortune" (featuring Charlie Murphy, Dave Attell, Carol Alt) and "And Then Came Love." (featuring Vanessa Williams and Eartha Kitt) Her music has been used on the Oprah Show and in "Shooting Johnson Roebling," which was nominated for Best Feature Film at the International Hoboken Film Festival.

Lloyd has scored the music for a wide variety of independent feature and short films. From orchestral, to rock, jazz and world music underscores.

Most recently, Lloyd wrote the orchestral score for feature film "Rock the Paint" which will be released internationally in April 2008.

Lloyd is currently scoring the latest "Dream Factory Studios" feature "Hey Diddle Diddle".

She is also an experienced conductor and producer. As a classically trained performer herself, Rebecca has a brilliant rapport with musicians and is well respected by fellow performers and her ability to bring a real orchestra to life in minimal amount of time.

Lloyd has scored 8 feature films and numerous television, short films and commercial. She has composed over 100 original compositions. With 6 major releases, including 2 solo albums and 4 collaborative. As a producer, Rebecca has released 8 albums of her compositions. See credit list for further details.

Lloyd's compositions and arrangements have been performed to entertain the likes of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and Australian Prime Minister John Howard and was recently featured at the US Open 2007 (Tennis)

Rebecca has quickly climbed the ranks of this cut throat industry and is sure to stamp her unique and powerful style of music on the US film industry. Rebecca Lloyd is a composer to be watched.

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