William Austin, owner of Avatar Music Productions, is dedicated to providing quality soundtrack and background music for movies, film, commercials, jingles, or any of your musical needs. Keep coming back to check out the latest additions and check out the Music link for songs to sample and purchase. Feel free to download "Make Me Dance" for free. Contact me via the contact page if you would like to use this music commercially.

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I have played and composed for around 20 years but I am finally putting my music toward television and film. I am influenced by a variety of music so I am open to creating many styles. I primarily play keyboard and piano with a host of soft synths and production tools at my disposal. I aim to make each song/project unique and look forward to providing more song content, cues, etc. in the weeks ahead.

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Hey Avatar Music Productions, just heard your composition, "Global Move" very cool groove you got going there!! 5 Stars & Likes!
Sorry we weren't able to fully connect, win some lose some!!
Stay safe and wear a Mask, the virus ain't done with us Humans quite yet!!!
The Corey's..............

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Avatar Music Productions
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much for your review and comments. I am definitely masking and vaccinated and we aren't going anywhere!

Thanks William for reviewing "pet song"or Pet food song..Yeh,the vocals are sort of Out of tune purposefully like in some TV commercials that get on my nerves when I hear them...But I remember them!!lol
I am enjoying your creative work.

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Avatar Music Productions
over 30 days ago

Thanks Ronald. It is hard to know what the purpose of a song is with the reviews or why an artist chooses to do something different. I understand what you mean about the out of tuneness of some commercials.

Ronald Arduini
over 30 days ago

Ah!!(with a smile)..You did a fair and truthful review!!! I like the quality of your work!!.. Keep in touch and creative!!

Phillip M Dukes
over 30 days ago

I realy like you sonnd and styles

Mic Ceaser
over 30 days ago to Avatar Music Productions

Thanks so much for the great in-depth review on Work Nite. I will definitely take your tips into consideration. Greatly appreciated!

2 Replies
Avatar Music Productions
over 30 days ago

My pleasure! The reviews have been very helpful for me as well. Keep them coming!

Nigel Barrett
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions after reviewing my tune Tamara - I appreciate it!

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