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Just finished 2 songs at Gravity Studios in Chicago. They were engineered and produced by George Balogi (Seether, Rise Against, Plain White Tees, etc.). I think he did great and were real happy with'em. Now we can just worry about playin and having fun. Let me know if your gigtrading or are planning any tours this summer!
Jason Eaves

Jason Eaves

Hi, I would just like to say I've spent years trying to "make it" in the music business. It's sorry to say it took me this long to realize I have already made it. I'm 37 with a wife and beautiful kids. I am my own boss, with a nice home. Why in the hell would I want to give all this up.
I would now love to share my original music with the world. If you all like it thats wonderful, if not thats ok too. According to my little girls I am a star, and they are stars to me.

As long as broadjam stays on the up and up you guys are a fantastic service. thank you for that.

Jason (dad) Eaves


over 30 days ago to Jason Eaves

Loved it! Very touching.

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