Phil Fox, (extreme left), is guitarist, and lead singer/songwriter for the alt/pop rock group Wicked Gift. Also pictured, (from left to right), are Rebecca Dawkins, (electric violin), Jamie Murmann, (bass), and Scott Watkins, (drums). Scott and Jamie had both played on Phil's 2001 solo CD, "Songs For Nocturna", and it was Scott's idea to form a group to showcase the material live. A series of lead guitarists were auditioned to this end, but it soon became apparent that a more original solution was required. Fortunately Rebecca stepped up to fill the bill.

Wicked Gift's sound, as revealed on their recently released debut CD, "Stained Glass Scars", has been dubbed "twisted pop"; catchy on the surface, but with somewhat morbid lyrical underpinnings. All four claim the Beatles as guiding influences, with the Police and They Might Be Giants also getting raves.

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Sun Times columnist Kent Kimes calls "Cell Phone", off the Stained Glass Scars CD, a "wicked pleasure", and awards their debut CD three stars, describing the band sound as "twisted, violin-spiked, alt-pop rock".

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The Beatles, The Police, They Might Be Giants


Born in Bethesda, Md, just outside of Washington DC, PhilFox has been a long-time resident of Mytle Beach, SC.
"The north/south thing has had a huge influence on my work", says Phil. "There is magic down here if you know where to look". Teaming up with the multi-talented Scott Watkins, Phil released his first full-lenght CD, "Songs For Nocturna", in early 2002, as a tribute to the now-defunct coffeehouse where he had begun as a solo singer-songwriter. A co-owner of the establishment, Jamie Murmann, had played bass on the CD , as well as accompanying Phil occasionally at the coffeehouse, and when "Nocturna" was finished , the three friends decided to form a band to showcase the project live. An accomplished soloist was required, and numerous lead guitarists auditioned, but it soon became obvious that a more unique approach was called for. Enter wild-child Rebecca Dawkins on electric violin, and so Wicked Gift came into being. Their debut CD, "Stained Glass Scars", featuring Rebecca's colorfully tattooed back on the front cover, was released in early 2004, and the band have since spent their time building up a following and writing material for the next CD. "We do stand out frrom the crowd a bit", says Phil. "There are a lot of "Cookie Monster" bands out there we split shows with, where the singer just gargles Drano the whole set. We like a little more melody and a broader emotional range"

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