Hello and welcome to my Broadjam site. I might have met you in my travels, performing music and comedy for over 30 years in 38 states, England, Scotland, Holland, and Mexico. If I haven't met you yet, I hope to meet you down the road!

Wayne Faust
Picklehead Guy

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I'll be out on the road this summer for two weeks every month in Lake Ozark, Missouri, and also for four weeks with the Faust & Lewis Reunion Show in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. You can check out my whole schedule at www.waynefaust.com.

My song "Bald Guys" was played on NBC's Sunday Morning Today Show.

The Faust & Lewis song "Graduation Day" was played on HBO's show "Cathouse," although I have no reason why!

You can see my video "Bald Guys Are Cool" on YouTube.

Wayne Faust - The Picklehead Guy

Want the guy that can take a roomful of people from all over and make them friends by the end of the evening?
Want the guy that does the kind of shows that make everyone say,
"That was our best party ever?"
Need the guy that can make your stomach muscles hurt from laughing one minute and have you wistfully remembering your childhood dreams the next minute?
Need the guy who can make brain surgeons loud and Harley riders quiet?

If so, Wayne Faust is the guy.

He's got over 30 years of experience entertaining people from all over the world,
from ages five to one-hundred-and-five,
performing regularly at such prestigious spots as
Sloppy Joe's in Key West , Tiffany's at Beaver Run in Breckenridge , Colorado , and in England and Holland
His original songs are heard on the radio in places as far away as Australia .
His live show can turn any evening into a party - a night full of
great music, comedy, and improvisation. And most of all, fun. Lots of fun.
Wayne plays guitar and banjo and tells jokes. Lots of jokes.
He makes up songs on the spot.
He gets people from the audience up on stage to do songs with him.
Songs like 'Bald Guys Are Getting Hip' and 'The Unicorn Song.'

People have fun up there. Honest.

Sometimes you might catch Wayne doing a few of his award-winning serious songs. Songs about his wife of 26 years, or maybe about his 3 kids. Touching songs, well-written and performed flawlessly.

Most nights you can catch Wayne doing songs like 'Dueling Banjos' with the help of
Sven, a two-foot Viking made out of wood. How does he do that? It's a mystery.

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