Really Dumb Deer

Song Description

A rap song about a really dumb deer who is not really that dumb.

Song Length 2:12 Genre Rap - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Mad
Subject Comedy, Funny Language English
Era 2000 and later


I was sittin' in my dorm on a Saturday night
I decided to head out for a beer and a bite
I was goin' to the bar and the roads were slick
My little Gimmy pickup was a'movin' real quick
I was toolin' down the road I was slidin' around
There was something in the road I tried to slow down
I hit the brakes and I tried to steer
But I ran smack dab into a really dumb deer

He flew over the windshield like a flyin' old buck
He landed in the back of my pickup truck
I figured he was dead, just a hunk of fresh meat
When he jumped out of the back into the passenger seat
I was amazed he was even alive
When he motioned to me that he wanted to drive
He tried to work the clutch but it wouldn't go in gear
'Cause like I said he was a really dumb deer

We got to the bar and he followed me in
Just as the band was ready to begin
He pranced to the stage and he grabbed a guitar
He was strummin' and struttin' all over that bar
People were amazed all except me
Couldn't they tell he was in the wrong key?
Then he ordered wine when all they had was beer
'Cause like I said he was a really dumb deer

We drank until one then we hopped into my truck
We headed to the dorm just me and that buck
He slept on the floor and I fed him some grass
When Monday came he followed me to class
He typed on my computer with his shiny black nose
He wrote a little poetry he wrote a little prose
His grammar was sloppy and his points weren't clear
'Cause like I said he was a really dumb deer

He got really famous all over that school
Even the jocks thought that he was really cool
The babes all liked him they hung around a lot
I can't begin to tell you how jealous I got
But I let him hang around for only one reason
I knew that pretty soon it would be hunting season
Now you can see his head hangin' up right here
'Cause like I said he was a really dumb deer

Lyrics Wayne Faust Music Wayne Faust
Producer Wayne Faust Publisher Picklehead Music (BMI)
Performance Wayne Faust Label Picklehead Music (BMI)
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