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A funny song about getting stuck behind a camper on a two lane road.

Song Length 3:51 Genre Folk - General, Country - Cowboy
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Gloomy Subject Comedy, Funny
Language English Era 2000 and later


Drivin' down the two-lane, for a while the road was clear
'Til I saw a bumper sticker that said "Hey, get off my rear"
I was really late for work and man I had to pee
But a mountain of machinery loomed in front of me
It looked just like a giant, rolling, frickin' football field
With a driver so belligerent that he refused to yield
It was just a nightmare, the worst I'll ever know
To be stuck there on the 2-lane behind Winnebago

Chorus: Winneba winneba winneba winnebago

In summertime there's lots of them but this one was the worst
They must have told the driver he should only drive in first
And hit the brakes on corners and take 'em really slow
Don't worry about anyone with anywhere to go
Pretty soon 400 cars were backed up in a line
Someone had to be a hero and I guess the job was mine
We had to make the driver see, we had to let him know
He was hoggin' the whole highway with his Winnebago

He was going so slow that I jogged up to his cab
I gestured and I pleaded, I pointed and I jabbed
But he kept his window rolled up so he couldn't hear a word
So I spit on his windshield and I flipped him the bird
I ran back to my vehicle to continue in the fight
I thought there was a chance that I could pass him on the right
But he was wedged there on the roadway like a pig stuck in a hole
But I still wasn't done yet with that Winnebago

I hit the gas and rammed him until my bumper crushed
That's when he hit his automatic porta-potti flush
He must have had the new deluxe, million-gallon tank
A wave of something hit me and I slid up on the bank
400 cars behind me all spun out in a flash
Some had it on their headlights some had it on their dash
Cars were littered everywhere, sliding to and fro
As walls of muck came pouring from that Winnebago

We knew we had been beaten as we looked up from the goo
The driver rolled his window down and said, "You folks are screwed!
The next time you're behind me there's something you should know
The indian word for bathroom is Winnebago"

Lyrics Faust & Lewis Music Faust & Lewis
Producer Faust & Lewis Publisher Picklehead Music (BMI)
Performance Faust & Lewis Label Picklehead Music (BMI)
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