Cloudbass is a stagename thought up by my friend whilst trying to think of something that represented both the Music I DJ, and the music I write, I have been messing with computers and music for 10 years, and was a leading member of several bands prior to this, I played guitar and drums and produced quite a few tracks for friends, these days I am busy producing live shows, and providing Audio Visual Hire, so don't get much time to compose, but be assured if I do it will get listed here! Hope you enjoy listening to the offerings as much as i have writing them, any comments are much appreciated as I don't want my head to disappear completely up my own ar*e, Cheers All Cloudbass.

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I have just uploaded a bunch of songs which span the last 4 years, there are many, many more, but thats a job for a rainy day. In the meantime enjoy, both Dark & Light. Loving the reveiws!!!
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