Yaron Daffan has had extensive experience in Composition, Performance and Production. He has been pursuing this with a variety of successful performance groups in Israel and Australia, involving different styles such as Classical, Jazz, Orchestral, Electronic, Rock, World, New Age, Folk and more. Yaron’s music motivates the listener to pursue their inspirations, to access their raw creativity and transcend above our daily existence. Currently focusing on film scoring, always involving a unique visual and sensate ambience.
"I have been pursuing Music for a substantial amount of my life and perceive it as a way to discover myself, pursue joy, gain self control and as a means to self-expression"
His recently released album "Communicate Divine" has acclaimed great accolade amongst the New Age community, both online and in retail stores. The album can be found in a variety of selected online shops - iTunes, A Cup of Music, CD Baby, and more.


A vortex is pulling me inside…
A sensate experience,
Beginning with a mental fixation
Powerfully stimulated through the external surroundings
My senses merge with every colour and hue,
Each sense to a different colour.
My emotions scattered like wander dust,
A halo hangs enriching all in all with light… Complete (sweeping away).

Now… my mind is one directional,
No division…utterly focused and determined.

I can see the infinite in the dark.
Moved and excited I stand present
An experience of experiences,
I am filled with euphoric sensations,

Running electricity in my earthly body which has temporarily left earth.


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