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Hi there, I live in Mexico City, 1 of the biggest cities in the world, over 14 million people, Love everything Mexico has to offer - beautiful atmosphere, great nite life and interesting & friendly people :-) Music is the soulmate of my ears. After my brother Beto's accident the piano became my close friend thanks to everything I'd learn from Beto (rip). ,.. I learned to play all of my favorite pop & jazz music. In 1978 I won my first music contest, My first studio recording in 1980 didn't really go anywhere, but in 1984 I recorded my first LP, "Toda la Noche, Todas las Noches", which was a successful production, although the instrumental style was not popular. In 1987, I recorded "Victor Algranti Vol. 2", and in 1990, I recorded "Solo y Cansado", For the next 10 years, my music was featured in several television series, news programs and commercials in which I had a very HARD time trying to collect my royalties...huh.. A few years later I recorded "Algranti en Vanguardia". I continue making music today...
Cuando nací, todo el mundo lloró, no cubrí las expectativas de el color y el tamaño por lo que decidieron llamarme "Recogido" me dieron un trato hostil durante los primeros 14 años 11 meses y 3 semanas, ya que el día siguiente, mi hermano 5 años mayor murió en un accidente de coche. Así que todo el mundo me dijo, tú eres el que debería estar muerto. Mucha tristeza a partir de ahí. Gracias Di-os había un piano.


Classical Music & Sergio Mendes, The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Henry Mancini, Chick Corea, Barry Manilow,

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Edward Michaels
over 30 days ago to Victor Algranti

Very, very nice! Key Eb??

Terese Millhouse
over 30 days ago to Victor Algranti

Hi Victor! thank you for your generous review of my song Love Has Gone, it has lifted my day! Take care!

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Victor Algranti
over 30 days ago

You deserved it Terese :-) beautiful song

over 30 days ago to Victor Algranti

Hi, thanks for the review. Appreciated.

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