I grew up on a farm and had a small town upbringing. I had a private audience with Sam Phillips of Sun Records in my youth. He listened to all the songs I brought and wished me luck. After college, I married, had a child and taught school. Songwriting took a back seat to everything else. Now that I'm retired, I'm enjoying my second childhood and am able to devote time to my love of songwriting. I am active in the Nashville Songwriters Association International and perform in a monthly showcase in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have been a finalist and also won the Country Genre in the Alchemy Songwriting Competition in 2013. I don't sound like anybody else and write across many genres. I performed my song, "Bacon," at the First Annual Little Rock Bacon Fest in 2014.

Latest News

I have two CD's, available through cdbaby, "Southern Style," and "Americana the Beautiful." I will release my third CD soon, produced by Homestead Recording Studio of White Hall, Arkansas. I am currently in production with Infrared Studio Productions of North Little Rock, Arkansas. I have entered the Alchemy Songwriting Competition, and hope to be selected as a finalist.

More recent news

Since my last posting, I have produced three more CD's. All should be available through cdbaby. "She's a Pistol," made the finals of The Alchemy Songwriting Competition in 2016 and I was invited back this year to close the show, where I performed 4 songs. The Women of Substance Internet Radio featured several of my songs on podcasts. Broadjam selected several of my songs for the Top 10 List in a variety of categories. "America" has been selected by a NYC film co. for a promotion. I am enjoying my second childhood!

My Music Journey

I started writing songs when I was about 12 years old. My granny got me a ukulele with Green Stamps. I got a guitar for Christmas and began to entertain at school events. Attended the University of Arkansas and met a dorm mate whose aunt knew Sam Philips of Sun Records in Memphis. I had an interview with Mr. Philips and he listened to all my songs. He said that I reminded him of Bobbie Gentry. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "Good luck, dear." Elvis had just left the building. I took a break for job, marriage and child. I'm in my second childhood and on fire with all this pent up creativity. I joined the Little Rock Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International and perform at the monthly showcase. I have produced three CD's, which are available at cdbaby. My fourth CD is almost finished. I have been a top 10 finalist in the Alchemy Songwriting Competition for three years. My song, "Mississippi," won the Country Genre in 2013 and, "Boot Up," won Fan Favorite in 2015. I write songs in several genres and gotta go now... I feel one in my head!

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