Audio Intelligence (Tony Taylor - T Taylor Productions). Musician, composer, songwriter, producer with over 30 years music experience - performance to production. various genres: R&B, Pop, EDM, Epic Orchestral Grooves, Neo-Classical,Smooth-Jazz, Gospel .....

Sounds Like: Mark Ronson, Ne-yo

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new release "The SKid"(ambient instrumental):


Hey Tony. Congrats on being selected. We're both Maryland boys (me Frederick). Good luck! Go Ravens! lol...Paul Smith

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Hey Paul,
Thanks Paul and Congrats to you as well! We are currently in Perry Hall/Whitemarsh MD. Yes - looking forward to a great season!! Best, Tony

Hi Tony--I really like Journey to AI. Very cool! Thanks for your review of Moonlit Glow. I appreciate the input!

Tony..are you still around on BJ? you're songs are extra special...

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Thanks Chaz! Yes, just recovering from a cancer beat down treatments - but all is well!

Was away for a while, but happy to be back in creation mode!

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Clean Clean

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