The Vanders are a group of songwriter/musicians including myself, Joe Vander Pluym as well as a number of great talented friends and family.
Our goal is to write for and with artist who really need and care about good, honest, music!
Many genre's are touched Rock, Roots Rock, Country, Blues/Rock, and all with a lot of Soul!
We worked as "The Vanders" recording at "Two Monkeys Productions" in Nashville., Kent Wells' studio. Kent is a long time Reba Mcyntire guitarist, Check out his and his son Dereks' great guitar work on True Love, Mood of the conversation and High School Love, nice!
We have a few albums to our credit, "Day to Day Giving by Native Creatice and "The Trailer Park Travolta's" by the group of the same name.
Open the bio tab for more info on the co-writers etc. and enjoy the music.
Here's to you,

Latest News

Check out "Breese to the Blues" our latest album.

A lot of great players on it!

Rock with a blues/roots edge with a touch of jazz.

Featuring Some great players including jazz bassist, Evan Marien. Check him out at Evan you'll be amazed at his playingand material!

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The Vanders

The Vanders are a songwriting cartel consisting of myself, Joe Vander Pluym and my talented friends and family.
While young my family moved often from one part of the country to another. We didn't have much, nor new many people, we had each other and music.
I am a 25 year veteran of writing, playing and recording with a goal to write with and/or for those who really care about music.
My co-writers and I have a lot in common, yet our different ages and backgrounds help us stay current and varied in our approach.
Dan Randant, owner of Wildstone Audio in St. Louis, Mo. He and I wrote/produced "Day to Day Giving" an album by Native Creative. It was well recieved especially in college areas where we were blessed with a lot of great reviews.
Phil Warnecke & Jay Page were also instrumental in co-writing/playing on the project. Phil and I work a lot together.
Lauren Vander Pluym, an inspiring young singer/songwriter with an incredible voice. She has written and/or appears on many of the songs as main vocalist or back up.
Nathan Hegger, an exceptional multi instrumentalist, Colby Sellers and Mike Scheutte area also collaborating song smiths .
Then there's Johnny "Yuma" Clements, he is a very unique singer/songwriter. We have performed and recorded under the name, "Trailer Park Travolta's" It's Roots/Rock with an edge.
I have traveled for a long time, 36 to 40 weeks a year.The many roads ad to the flavor of our song writing, recording and playing.
Our material varies.depending on who we are writing for and well, you know, whatever is flowing as long as it's honest!
Mixed together it all helps flavor this "Rock and Roll Stew"
Thanks for listening!


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