A recording session can be a lot like a one night stand. It seemed like a really beautiful thing at the time but day after its just down right scary. This is a developing ground for new material. To get a perspective while reality sets in. Some songs will go to the band, some will go on the shelf, and some go in the trash. I am a singer / songwriter / engineer / producer / guitar player. That’s a lot of hats and some fit better than others. Its what I do instead of playing the lotto.
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Moon Over Hill Music, 2007, 2008.

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I’m a songwriter and guitar player going on 30 some odd years. I have a Protools Studio in my home and I’m posting some of my work here to get a little feed back and see how the mixes translate over the Internet. Not to say that the songs aren’t for sell because they are but I’m still looking for a day job too. But the main point here is to try and make something that sounds good. Its not as easy as I thought is would be but I’m making progress. All the instrumentation, lyrics, tracking and mixing are by yours truly. I’m definitely open to collaboration other artist especially a good vocalist. So if you have any ideas here send me a text.

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