I am “the LXplicit” a Missouri lyricist, I have produced several albums in the past. I have done shows with Outkast, Ghostface, Cappadonna, Common, and many others. I have been courted by record labels and agents; I turned them down because of bad contracts.

I am asking that you go to http://www.thelxplicit.com and check out some of my music and music video. I am putting out a new album in May 2006. I have written, and recorded it in my studio.

I am asking for your help, go to http://www.thelxplicit.com and if you like my music, forward this letter to all your friends or everyone in your address book. If you do not like it don’t forward it.

So please check it out, help change the reputation of hip-hop and the way the record industry does business, they are stealing from the artists, robbing the listener, and pushing you garbage. Our society deserves better.

New music and video added weekly, please check often.

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