we are primarily a small indie record label with two artists camelot and neko. both are talented songwriters/producers
who are set to launch their upcoming album in early 2006
camelot is a chaldean american ( chaldeans are christians from iraq ) and speaks english and arabic fluently. styles ranging from hip hop to RnB pop. winning on a platinum radio station against artists such as nelly and master p. as well as recording his hit song "rollin" with spice 1. NEKO is without a doubt the next explosion in hip hop.
this producer writer artist has it all, the looks the ability to rap in any style from smooth to hard core. has lyrics that will make the girls go wild. lyrics that make gangsters wanna boogie. and even has lyrics that will make a grown man cry. smooooth..smart and gifted with a fuse. THAT PEOPLE.... is a package that you dont open!!
when you see neko,CALL THE BOMB SQUAD!!!!!!!


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