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Welcome to the official TARSHA website, where you can get all the latest music and info about lead vocalist Sheldon Tarsha. Tarsha's debut album 'Prophecies' is quickly becoming a best-seller! The album features the hit songs 'Ten Stars Away', 'Skeletons', 'Why Fight', and the Top 10 hit single 'DIRTY'. TARSHA PROPHECIES is now available for order worldwide, so don't wait! Order your copy of Tarsha Prophecies today!!



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Having spent years in Hollywood fronting various bands, Sheldon Tarsha emerged when he was named Male Vocalist of the Year in a national singing competition, and performed live on the US-syndicated 'Mark and Brian' radio show. He recorded a best-selling EP, which won him 7 International Songwriting Awards from Billboard, Independent Music Awards, International Songwriting Competition, and Song of the Year.

Tarsha capitalized on the buzz of his newfound notoriety by immediately hitting the live stage. A fiery performance of the classic rock anthem, "Welcome to the Jungle", caught the attention of former Guns N' Roses member Steven Adler, who co-wrote the song as well as the host of others on the seminal rock masterpiece 'Appetite For Destruction'. He offered Tarsha the gig as lead vocalist for a world tour with his own band, Adler's Appetite. They performed for hundreds of thousands of fans. In true Rock n' Roll spirit, controversy was never far behind during their trek. In the midst of speculation of over-indulgence of the rock star lifestyle, Adler went AWOL in Europe. The band returned home amid much scandal and publicity.

Like the phoenix, Tarsha has risen from the ashes of Adler's Appetite, vowing to continue his Rock n' Roll mission. Tarsha returns to the spotlight with his first full-length, self-produced album, 'PROPHECIES'. Already being hailed as a modern rock tour de force, 'PROPHECIES' shows Tarsha at his best. Blending a contemporary heavy sound with the kind of old-school rock which is now experiencing a resurgence, Tarsha is in ready position to dominate the rock world. Working with top names in the industry, Tarsha has cultivated a worldwide fan base and will tour internationally in support of the new album.

Several songs from the album are receiving airplay worldwide and new stations are adding everyday. Tarsha's single 'Dirty' has risen into the Top 10 on Live365 Radio climbing to No.2 on the Rock Top 30 Charts. In recent weeks, Tarsha has interviewed and appeared on the syndicated Hairball John Radio Show, The Classic Metal Show, LA, and XM41 The Boneyard's 'Breaking Bone' with Kevin Kash. For more information, please visit Tarsha at

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