Multi-deminsional writer & musician, spanning from rock, alternative, acoustic & contemporary gospel. Lisa has recorded with DEFanointed and Collaborations with Vance Holland & Rihkki Kennibrew from 1300am WIMG, NJ. A CD single was released in early 2006. all copies were sold at local venues. Live dates are TBA regularly on or at

13 South's 1st 7 song CD to be released in Dec 2006

Lisa also runs her own publishing for her songwriting at Two Gardens Music, BMI.

"I love to take a riff and write to it. Finding that place where it's created it the best feeling in the world."

rock on!

Promise & A Prayer

CD to be released in 2006. The CD will have 2 versions of this song. The song on this site with the same title, is not the version for public sale. This track is a demo only. the final cut was mastered by Vance at Two Fish Music-Hamilton , New Jersey

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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