Classically trained and raised on rock, Brittany has taken every opportunity to expand as an artist. With a veracious delivery and straight-from-the-heart lyrics, Brittany connects. Now twenty, she is no foreigner in the studio or on the stage. She embraces both worlds. Having honed her craft in her father’s recording studio since she was just a child, she released her first CD of original rock music in 2001. The CD, Cloud Nine, launched her regional radio acceptance and television exposure in New York, Pennsylvania and Canada. Brittany continues to explore her buoyant vocal style on new music targeted for completion in 2007.


Classically trained and raised on rock, Brittany Garrison has taken every opportunity to expand as an artist. Coupling a voracious delivery and honest lyrics, Garrison connects with fearless intensity. Just nineteen, she is no foreigner to exerting her creative energies in the studio or on the stage. Having honed her craft in her father's recording studio since she was just a child, Garrison released her debut album of original rock music in fall 2001 at the age of 15. The release, Cloud Nine, earned Garrison significant regional radio success and television exposure in New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada, launching her into the public eye and resulting in a loyal and widespread fanbase. Since her first release, amongst various notable appearances, Garrison has taken time to reload her guns, creating a fierce composite of maliciously delicate songs. Fan reaction to her new material has been escalating as Garrison elaborates on universal experiences such as revenge, hope, victory and loss.

Even with an arsenal of strong songs and an army of support behind her, Brittany Garrison has still battled unique challenges that arise from being a rock artist in a rural area with a predominantly country/western and gospel atmosphere. However, Garrison has always had a way of meandering through a crowd and walking out with followers. In 2002, Garrison was contacted by a country radio station and asked to write two songs to submit to the renowned Colgate Country Showdown. "We know you aren't a country artist," stated Rod Biehler of WZKZ, "but you have what it takes to do this. We want to see you try." Garrison rose to the challenge and within weeks she found herself warming up country legend Lee Greenwood for a crowd of over 10,000. She returned once again the following year to perform with Emerson Drive and Rebecca Lynn Howard.

With a totally new market showing interest in her work, Garrison had more support than ever. In the spring of 2004, Thom Hazaert of Corporate Punishment Records in Los Angeles (Rikets, Shenoah, Switched) was in Cleveland, Ohio scouting talent at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Battle of the Bands and was encouraged to look into Garrison by members of the event's winning band, Heavy Depth Perception. It wasn't long before Hazaert was co-producing Garrison's material alongside she and her father, Michael Garrison. Soon after, the late David Reilly, former frontman of industrial grunge band God Lives Underwater, was added to the mix. Combining Brittany Garrison's melodic and poetic songwriting approach with the hardcore, industrial and prog-rock styles of Hazaert, Reilly and Michael Garrison, respectively, created a killer sound immersed in hooks and dramatics.

Brittany Garrison is stomping on new grounds everyday. She's taking her unique sound to new heights and there are no intentions of stopping as she firmly states, "I have a story to tell and a rage to rant. Expect that from me, definitely."


You are a star to me, forever. I admit I wouldn't have found you if not for my attachment to David Reilly music... But hopefully that is a good thing that somehow his music brought me to yours. I wish I could speak to you, in person. You are a damn good artist, and I hear what you are doing... Pray one day I could write you a song. ;)

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please feel free to contact me if you want to talk music sometime. i would love to pick your brain... my email is or just gimme a buzz on the cell phone if your not shy ;) 3307801871. I'm from Ohio. Akron. I play gigs... I want to book far away... it might be a long shot, but maybe you'll be compelled to surprise me, lol if im lucky!!! :P if not that is totally fine, just remember to stay in the creative mode, it's way way better than the alternatives!

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