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Talent is a word used frequently when describing the multitude of artists present in today’s world of music. When an artist is labeled a true talent, the resulting expectation frequently falls short. Other times they can surprise even the most skeptical critic. In the case of this preformer, singer/songwriter, the word talent is just not enough.

Her name is Stephy T...
and if you like a mellow listening experience, then this little girl is not for you. Don't let the dainty, pettite, frame fool you. This young little songstress is larger and louder than life. So if your on the sensitive side put your fingers in your ears and leave the room.

Her songs and melodies are stories told with a sweet, sootheing, and bitter tounge and her lyrics are curt and poetically to the piont. When your listening you can feel colors and emotion jumping out of the stereo.

" When I listen to a piece Im working on it's like it breathes and moves all on it's own. Im only there to write it down.
- Steph says-

Born in New Mexico, raised in southern California, and now living in Miami Stephy, has a flavor for a rainbow of styles and genres. This resulted into the unique clash of rythem, rock, and pop culture the comes through in the music and lyrics.

Stephanie began to sing, write, and dance at an early age. BLAH BLAH BLAH
lets not drag this out...

dancing since the 1st grade
writting since the third
At ten cutting up cassette tape to make loops to write to. By twelve teaching herself midi and home production .
In high school there weren't any young girl interests of shopping and boys it was for dance, musicians, and gear.
Her Christmas lists consisted of 4 tracks and albums instead of beepers and makeup. Clearly, she's a driven.....
BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH (yes it goes on but lets just say the important stuff)
moved out at 16 to pursue a future in music, did the struggleing artist thing, got over that, but is still an addict to the art.

“It’s the only reason I wake….”-She says. By 21 she had finished 5 albums worth of material

Stephanie preformes at many of Miami’s local hot spots. All performances receiving rave reviews. All of her work is written, produced or co-produced by herself and she is proud to be in the finishing stages of her 1st album as an artist. Stephanie is currently represented by Heavy Air Music Inc. Who is actively seeking a higher platform to take their artist to the masses. This young girl is a force to be reckoned with. Her music is defiantly pop, fun, edgy, and feminine, but without the pink flowers frills and lace.

“Music is my life. It’s the only reason I wake up . . .You gotta love it sooo much or you will just get hopelessly lost.”
– S.Tiangco

For more info e-mail info@stephyt.net / hevair@hotmail.com

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