Sweater Girl

Story Behind The Song

i was a geek

Song Description

to all the geeky girls that never got noticed

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Classic, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood In High Spirits, Endearing
Subject Attracted, Crush, Shyness Similar Artists The Cars, Counting Crows
Language English Era 1950 - 1959


I watch you smile
I wait a while
For you to speak
To talk to me

It?s just like me to sit so quiet
I?d stay in my chair if the room was on fire
I don?t comb my hair I like my sweaters
If I showed some skin would you like me better and

You can make my day
Make me so happy
Just to smile at me
Just to notice me

I don?t think you know
How could you?
I don?t let it show
And I?m a little shy
But I know what I like oh oh oh

It can?t be right to be my self
If I don?t exist to anyone else
Every time I open my mouth
The strangest things just seem to come out
And baby
I think of ways to touch you - god I?m so pathetic
To think you?d every see me and you romantic
I make believe that some day you?ll want me too
It?s just silly for a girl like me to long for you

I can?t help it if you don?t get me
It?s kinda tuff when everybody hates me
I can?t expect for you to want me baby
I?m in LOVE but who can blame me

Said you drive me crazy
Have you seen me lately?
Nothing I can do
Baby I'm in love with you

Lyrics S.Tiangco Music S.Tiangco, Javier carrion Cristian Delano
Publisher S.Tiangco Performance S.Tiangco
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