There is a smooth R&B, Hip Hop and Pop force, with strong colorful music flavor, flowing ever so sweetly through your ears and right inside the very essence of your mind. His name is Specielle K. Specielle K ia a young singer, songwriter, and musician, who has performed for live audiences throughout Canada, several countries in Europe and live stages in Asia, mostly Japan. He writes and arranges his own songs through inspiration that he has gained from such artists as Stevie Wonder, Babyface, and the artist himself, Prince. His latest effort the CD entitled, "LIGHTS OF LOVE", is a collection of polished R&B, Hip Hop and Pop tracks showing the total love experiences in life. Specielle K says, "With these God given talents, I hope that I might in some way give others some joy of life through my music and songs". "I would like to keep a forever shining light inside myself, always working to reach higher and deeper from the heart in writing, arranging and performing my music"

Latest News

SPECIELLE K is now playing and performing live in Japan. Stay tuned for scheduled dates of venues to be announced at a later time.

SPECIELLE K has had some of his songs to recognized on the top ten charts of BROADJAM.

FRESH GIRL (Cool Breeze Remix) has reached these positions.

#5 - Rap Hip Hop Top Ten
#2 - Washington Top Ten

U R MINE has reached these positions.

#1 - Washington Broadjam Top Ten
#5 - R&B Contemporary Top Ten
#9 - R&B Broadjam Top Ten


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