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This song gives the special feeling and excitement that`s given to a man from his pumping party music. Bring on da parday jam!!!

Song Length 4:56 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, On Cloud Nine Subject Joy, Happiness
Similar Artists Will Smith, P. Diddy Language English
Era 2000 and later


BACK 2 DA PARDAY Words & Music Specielle K

Got 2 get 2 da parday. Want 2 go 2 da parday.
Get back 2 da parday. Good time at da parday. (repeat)

Verse 1
U know it`s time now, for jublilation. I`ve got 2 find now, consolation. A specielle place. Where I can get down.
Get my groove on, my disc selection. Pump it up and come, to a satisfaction. I`m ready girl, to dance the night away.

Get Back 2 Da Parday. Back 2 Da Parday.
Get Back 2 Da Parday. I Don`t Want 2 Be Da One 2 Miss Da Jamm.

Get Back 2 Da Parday. Back 2 Da Parday.
Get Back 2 Da Parday, Cause U Got 2 Know It`s Gonna Really Slam.

Verse 2
I can`t wait now, my heart is thumping. At my work now, it`s got me jumping, too move. My body all over U. I can tell now, my mood is started. When the night comes, I must follow. The coolest jam, I`ve got 2 get it off. (repeat hook)

Parday, get it started. (repeat hook 4x) (repeat intro to end)

Lyrics Specielle K Music Specielle K
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Performance Specielle K Label N/A
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