Song Description

This song shows a guy asking a girl to be true to her feelings. He is telling her that he really wants her, and he thinks that she feels the same way.

Song Length 6:28 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - General
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Charming, Engaging Subject Heart, General
Similar Artists Usher, Boyz II Men Language English
Era 2000 and later


JUST SAY IT Words & Music Specielle K

I want cha', want cha', come on and tell me now. (repeat 4x)
OOOO, Ahhh (repeat 4x).
Girl, I know what I want baby. Now you tell me what you want.

Verse 1
Girl, you make me wonder how to make you smile?
OOOO, what you have inside, that you always try to hide. Now girl, I can tell there's something that you really need. Come on baby now , in your eyes, OOOO I can see.

Stop messing round, don't wear that frown, and put your feet firm on the ground, you want to make romantic sound, that special touch, some up and down, my kiss and hugs by the pound tell me now, JUST SAY IT, JUST SAY IT.

You want to show me love, OOOO sexy love. one of a kind fits like a glove, the thing that flows from up above, the beauty of a snow white dove, come on now girl give you a shove brown sugar love, JUST SAY IT, JUST SAY IT.


Verse 2
Girl, picture us in a portriat, beautiful shine, loving down in the sunset. Oh now girl, I see your face under candlelight, sparks of slendor, stars above, OOOO it's out of sight. (repeat hook)

Today, don't take your heart and run away. Let's play, and have the joy our hearts can make. Just say, what's in your heart please find a way. Yesterday is gone I will make everything okay, OOOO baby.

I'll take your dreams, to the extreme, I say what I mean now baby. Just say what you need, hopes to succeed, let me plant the seed now baby. I can tell no lies, those sexy eyes, my heart would die now baby, to you no wrong, never leave you alone, I promise my love jones baby.

I want cha', want cha', come on and tell me now. (repeat 7x)
(repeat hook to the end)

Lyrics Specielle K Music Specielle K
Producer Specielle K Publisher N/A
Performance Specielle K Label Indie
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