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What does SPASSEEBA mean ?

What does SPASSEEBA mean ?

Spasseeba is a mis-spelling of the Russian word for 'Thanks'.... in Russian, the word is spelled using the Cyrillic alphabet, rather than the Latin alphabet. However, typically the word is spelled with not quite as many 'S' and 'E's as I have used !

So there !

Forthcoming album

Hey all!

Thanks for all the great feedback about the Spasseeba tracks completed so far! I'm really enjoying the writing and recording of these tracks and it's soooo encouraging to recieve your feedback and hear that you're enjoying the tunes. Don't worry if some disappear from time to time - it just means I'm remixing them and they'll be back soon.

The songs uploaded so far are all from Spasseeba's forthcoming debut album - "Red or Dare". The album will contain 10 punk-indie-pop tracks for your enjoyment and will be released for download and on CD, in early July 2006.

All the best and keep on keeping the beat !!


Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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