Jon Gerrard....Vocals/Acoustic
Paul Martin....Keys
Mick Flannery....Bass/Vocals
Photograph by Graeme Henderson
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Brothers Of Craig are Jon Gerrard on vocals , Vinnie on guitar,Paul Martin on keys and Mick Flannery on Bass.
Brothers Of Craig have in their time recorded at Yorkshire's famed Slaughterhouse Studios with producer Colin Richardson (who worked with Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission and more recently with Napalm Death, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Cradle Of Filth, Trivium, etc) and also with producer Steve Harris (who has produced and mixed for the likes of U2, The Automatic and Kaiser Chiefs). Brothers Of Craig's first single 'Tossing And Turning' earned the band a place in the Indie Charts and the opportunity to continue recording with such producers which led to the release of their second single 'The Colour Of Heaven'.
In 2007 after growing interest from fans on their myspace site from Canada and Germany and others the band decided to release a new single " I Cant Take It Anymore" and were included in the book Music To Die for by Mick Mercer.The band are currently recording their second album titled Time Denied for release later 2013.

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