Keep It Hot

Song Description

These two are so in love and happy and excited to be together. They have been through times that were tough but they stood by each other and they are best friends who take care of each other. They have found true bliss in each others arms and want to cele

Song Length 4:11 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Delighted, On Cloud Nine Subject Happiness, Excitement
Similar Artists Whitney Houston, Marc Anthony Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hey baby let me break it on down
Let me tell you what it's like
When the love is true love
It don't mean a damn thing to me
To give you all I've got
When I've got all I need, and
I won't play with your mind, no
From your head to your toes
I will treat you right baby
I wanna give you what you want
When you want what you need
When you need plus
A deed to my heart, and
I love to look in your eyes and
Feel the weak in my knees
I love the way you please me
I can't explain but it drives me insane
How you walk like you walk
And you talk like you talk
My love for you is for real, and
I intend to heal all the pain you ever feel
Your sexy ways got me heated
Got me dazed, can't defeat it
I'm amazed you're my fire

Keep it hot, keep that love hot

Your chocolate kiss is my bliss
Just like Hershey, Lord have mercy
I'm a slave to my crave for you, and
You paint a picture of the world so bright
In the darkest of the night
You are my sunlight
The way you dress, how you dress, girl
I feel the bittersweet pain
I want to tap that frame, yeah

Your love is deep, it's beneath my skin
And I never thought twice
About letting you in
When I found you I struck gold
And it's a pure delight
When you're in my sight
You were there when I needed you most
When I didn't have a friend
You held me close, yeah
I give praise to the most high
You had so many choices but I'm your guy
Your love is hot like the heat of a blaze
I'm caught up in your love fire
In the middle of a maze


We have a trust no pressure can bust
When I think victory, I think of us, and
I rather be with you than anyone else
You enhance my views
My strength, my health
When I'm down you lift me up
You're my pride and my joy, you fill my cup
No sense in you trying to please me
Just being yourself
You know you complete me
You melt me like butter, yeah
Fulfilling my dreams, my ultimate lover
I never knew I could love you like I love you
And you love me like you love me
Back each day baby
Your kiss is bliss, it tops my list
And I love you so, I won't let you go, no
Your love is vast like the future, like the past
And it burns in me and it sets me free


Lyrics David Mendez, Shari Mendez Music David Mendez
Producer David Mendez Publisher Magic Eye Muzik
Performance Unified Tribe Label IAM
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