9 Kinds of Crazy

Song Description

This is a fun quirky & witty track about a crazy night. former winner of broadjams song of the month New mix and master uploaded may 2016 Recorded 2015

Song Length 3:42 Genre Unique - General, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Fun, Laugh, Smile
Language English Era 2000 and later


There's nine kinds of crazy here baby
your nine kinds of crazy too
and i'm nine kinds of crazy for you

see the man in his underware
talking to someone whos not there
see the girl across the room
dancing to a slient tune
since the cops took the dj away
this place is getting quite insane
strip poker and vodka shots
i'm already down to my socks
nine kinds of crazy

There's nine kinds of crazy here baby
your nine kinds of crazy too
and i'm nine kinds of crazy for you

There's a couple making love on a stool
in full view of us all
and some guy no one's seen before
passed out yeah on the floor
and your dancing in the rain
naked once gain
and me i'm drunk and seeing two
guess i,ll dance with the both of you
nine kinds of crazy

La la la la la la la.........

well this room is spinning round
what can we do ooh
were heading for crazy town
me and you , me and you

There's nine kinds of crazy here baby
your nine kinds of crazy too
and i'm nine kinds of crazy for you

comedic style follows and vice versa the title/hook, "9 kinds of crazy"--unique tune, and i dig unique. i can hear this in a tarantino flick.

This song is very unique. The vocals are very good. I like the la las. The staccato instrumentation works very good for this song. I found it very unique. I like when people think out of the box.

Lyrics Tristyn leach Music Tristyn leach
Producer Tristyn leach Performance Tristyn leach
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