Terrapin Moon

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to create something psychedelic, and spacey, where the lyrics didn't have to have a thread, or even be sensible or cohesive, so I created a series of surreal anecdotes against a spacey chaotic frazzled backing, adding a bossa nova sax part which would be deliberately at odds with the rest of the track. That was a Beck influence.

Song Length 4:41 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Frenzied Subject Existence, Universe
Similar Artists Robyn Hitchcock, Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno, Velvet Un, Beck Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


I drank a quart of Absinthe at a quarter to eleven
I threw a furry dice, and it landed on a seven
There's something strange in the Terrapin Moon, tonight
I ran a couple of miles to the top of a hill
I looked back to see, I'd hardly moved at all
There's something strange in the Terrapin Moon tonight

There's a bug in my head, and it bothers me still
It's eating at my brain, and attacking my will
There's a crimson glow, in the Terrapin Moon, tonight

I did a bit of digging, in the history of our land
I found a new community, under the sand
Sheltered from, the Terrapin Moon, tonight
I found a new note, between E and F
It has no sharps or flats, and it eats the treble clef
Inspired by the tune, of the Terrapin Moon, tonight

I found a roundabout, that goes up and down
Invented by a lycanthropic circus clown
There's something strange, in the Terrapin Moon, tonight
There's a dark dirty child, in the depths of my soul
That keeps chattering, about a deep empty hole
That's soon swallowed up, by the Terrapin Moon, tonight

Life is a dream, but it keeps me awake
Illusion is real, and reality's fake
It's all a part, of the Terrapin Moon, tonight

There was life on Mars, but they all migrated
To a village on Jupiter, secured and gated
Still under the grip, of the Terrapin Moon, tonight.

The guitars start out big. I really liked the expansiveness of them. Nice bass line, pretty McCartney inspired which I love. Vocalist reminded me of Joe Strummer a bit.

Super cool piece with some really heavy and genius lyrics. Brass comes in at the perfect time to help accentuate it.

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Producer Trinity Performance Tranz-Adrenalin
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