Church Is Out

Story Behind The Song

Society drop-out

Song Description

Story of societal rebellion.

Song Length 5:11 Genre Blues - Chicago, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Blissful Subject Conformity, Change
Similar Artists Tom Waits, The Animals Language English
Era 1950 - 1959


I quit the Boy Scouts
and dropped outta school,
Ran off with the circus Fat Lady
with a tear-drop tattoo

She was well versed in the Bible,
2nd Shenanigans, Chapter 7
bout hard liquor and soft women,
and the easy way to heaven

If you're wonderin' bout my future,
I guess there ain't no doubt,
It's all over now baby,

They let Bible study out early,
so I ran outta class
With some Chiquita named Juanita,
and we laid down in the green grass

She said "Let's hide from those scary angels,
under the shade of this here tree"
She shoved my head under her skirt and said,
"Now Jesus can't see what you do to me"

If you're wonderin' 'bout my future baby,
I guess there ain't no doubt
I'm goin' to hell in a hurry baby

No more rules or regulations
No apologies or regrets
No more law and order bullshit
or instructions to forget

No more hymns, no neck ties
No notebooks or number 2 lead pencils
No more genuflection, room inspections,
or even eating with utensils

If you're wonderin' 'bout me baby,
I guess there ain't no doubt
I'm on a slippery slide to hell baby

I've talked to incoherent scholars,
and jaded bookies who can pick 'em
I spoke to Houdini's understudy
who said the secret was to "trick 'em"

Einstein's old lady told me- "You have ta' rthmaticem"
but I don't think these geniuses knows
"come here boy" from "SIC EM"

If you're wonderin' bout me baby
I guess there ain't no doubt
I'm burnin' down the doors to hell, baby

Tequilla and Cocainna , they'll put you in a trance
A hot kiss from Juanita will move your circumstance
You can change your broken luck,
With one longing furtive glance
You can have your reward in heaven, man
I'll take mine in advance

If you're wonderin' bout me baby
I guess there ain't no doubt
I'm burnin' down the doors to hell,

Nice 'n' sleazy blues. Like the tone on the guitar and love some blues harp. The vox delivery is cool too.

great old style vocal, very cool lyrics, great harmonica, quality guitar work, hell great EVERYTHING, the blues baby done right! If this hasn't been picked up for something by somebody, you either haven't pitched it, or somebody can't HEAR!

I love the lyrics, "scarey angels", "second shenanigans", some great rhymes and pronunciations along the way. A fun ride through the blues

good cool bluesy song with a husky tom waits kinda vocal. interesting lyrics with some fine guitar and harp.. liked the style

Nice soft bounce beat, great lazy day porch song.

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Tony DiPofi - Blues Harp, Tim Haak - Guitar
Producer Tony DiPofi and Andrew Pulver Performance Tony DiPofi - Vocals and Harp, Tim Haak - Guitar
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