Let It Go

Song Length 4:35 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Frankie Beverly and Maze Language English

Great song! Amazing authenticity in the music and vocals. Has an almost H-Town feel. Mixed very well. Change for the hook is awesome! Guitar solo is sick! Can't wait to hear more from you. Could hear this being used in a million different ways. Way to go! Fantastic!

Very nice arrangement. Recording quality is very good.

This is a really hot track. I love the live instruments.Seems to be a dying thing in today's music. Your adlibs are great man. Love the raspiness in your voice. This is well written. Great length of verses. Nice solo guitar section. All in all, this is a great song to jam too. R and B vibes with a little funk.

Comes across like a fast ride down a scenic highway on a sunny day, makes you want to sing along ...it's a thin line yea, yea.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise having this song come up for a random review. This song has it all; a catchy melody, a great vocal performance, a great arrangement and great production. The key change right before the solo added just enough lift to carry the song to a front place finish. It is a pleasure to listen to...
Well done!

This song as a really nice groove, relaxing, easy to listen to. The vocalist has a good tone and performed the song well. Lot of great instrumentation and backup vocals. I liked that the backup vocals sometimes echoed, but then sometimes had separate lyrics that fit into the overall song. The short solo break was nice.

Great vocals, perfect production, this is great stuff.

Great emotion in voice. Solid song. Enjoyed the laid back feeling of the track. I'd play this while I unwind after work. Easy to listen to song. Fits the genre well.

This message is pretty universal, and in spite of what many professionals say, this is one of the most important issues a song can have. I really like the guitar sound through the first part of the song, and the vocal is simple and easy to understand all the way from beginning to end. The vocal effects are used sparingly and with due respect to the listener. I like this quite a lot.

Very nice track, instrumentation and vocals are all great. Absolutely superb vocalist and musically there is nothing lacking here. Nice recording also, very professional and ready to go straight away.

Lyrics David Deon Music Matthew Nelson
Producer David Deon & Matthew Nelson Performance The Soul Inspirations
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