Once (Protilius Productions Featuring Dianne MacAdam)

Story Behind The Song

Song written to the beat of an IV pump (120BPM)

Song Description

Nothing lasts forever except Love.

Song Length 4:46 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Serene, Peaceful Subject Relationship, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later



Long Ago
In a Land made of Sea made of Snow
Dinosaur frozen there
Mammoth and the Wooly Bear
They're are all gone
Are no more

Once by the sea
As we bathed in the waves, we were free
Feel the sun on your hair
Naked in the open air
Waves break on the shore
They are no more

Once they go, they can't come back
Once they go, they can't come back
They are set free
They are Memory

Was a girl
Was a boy, was a love, was a dream
They've gone downstream

Once they go, they can't come back
Once they go, they can't come back
Ahead full steam

In the Now
We are Real, we are One, we are Wow
Are all that Be

Once we go, we can't come back
Once we go, we can't come back
Hold on to me
For Eternity

You hold on to me
For Eternity

© Nick Fuse 2012

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music Nick Fuse
Producer Protilius Productions Publisher Lovepops
Performance Nick Fuse/Dianne MacAdam/Nathaniel Label LovePops
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