Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song about my friend, Dan, who is odd man out on an all male triangle.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Troubled Subject Unrequited Love, Heartbreak
Similar Artists Clientele Language English
Era 2000 and later



I know that I'm only second best
How did I get myself in the mess?
I'm in love with you, I confess
When we're apart life is meaningless
Someone else's lover
Is he treating you alright?
But I know you'll treat me to yourself

Tell me lies
Where did you get that look in your eyes?
What you've seen
What you mean
Reading the end in the in-between
Summer night
Hold me tight
It can't be wrong if it feels alright
Lost again
Just a friend
But we both know you'll be back again
Someone else's lover
But you'll take me on the side
We'll pretend that we can both be free

Lay me on your altar
Lead me to your slaughter
I will die
Wrap me in your clothes
Make sure that no one else knows
Or sees you cry

(musical murkiness)

No reply
No goodbye
Leaving me here and I wonder why
What your feel
What is real?
Do I have to get down and kneel?
Fashion it
Into the way that you wanted it
Need to know
Let it go
Every experience helps you grow
Someone else's lover
You can't give me any time
And I can't seem to forgive you
One more time
I want you to be mine
One more time

© Nick Fuse

Nick Is a very talented and productive artist. I really enjoy his music since I heard him for the first time in 2014.
This song, again, is under his signature... Congratulations Nick and all the best!

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music Nick Fuse
Producer fuse Publisher fuse
Performance Nick Fuse na dthe Murky Orchestra Label TBD

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