Fortune Cookie

Song Description

This should never be attempted at a bar in Chinatown.

Song Length 3:54 Genre World - World Beat, World - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Other
Mood Nervous, Nonviolent Subject Taste, Magic
Similar Artists , None Language English
Era 2000 and later


Fortune Cookie

Hanging at the pool bar
Staring at a cute girl
Can't be from this world
Sliding cross the floor
Knocking down my door
Pour me a whiskey
Everything is misty
And then you kiss me
Now I've fallen down
Into another world

I don't need to wonder why
I don't need a reason
She's my Fortune Cookie

Bright as an angel
Naked as a stranger
Feeling of danger
Air of mystery
An ancient history
She's not from this world
Hasn't got a green card
Don't take it too hard
If you don't have cash
She'll take a credit card

When every little ain't right
I need me something sweet and light
I need my Golden Fortune Cookie

All of doo dah

When she smiles she opens wide
Giving you a message
Let go your silly human pride
When you free your mind
You'll have a good time

Confucius say hold on
You've got a wild one
Pour me a whiskey
Don't hold back
Come on Jack
Make it a tall one
I don't need a reason

Didn't think it'd go far
I'm not thinking too clear
All of a Doo dah

Confucius say hold on
You don't need a reason
Just give your all to the Golden one
Melting mystery
Making history
Hasn't got a green card
Loving her's not too hard
Can't be from this world
Sliding down my door
Can't think anymore
I don't need a reason
Fortune Cookie eating

Lyrics Nick Fuse Music WORLD BEATERS
Producer Fuse/Beaters Publisher BMI
Performance Nick Fuse & The World Beaters
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