Story Behind The Song

When a meaningful relationship breaks up, many of us don't want to admit we still love the person with whom we feel the hurt. Just because we love them, and we want to say "goodbye," it doesn't mean we can't say both.

Song Description

Catchy guitar riffs and driving drums lays a bed for melodic vocals. Blends of acoustic and electric guitar in a journey of saying goodbye to the person we loved, but who simply hurt us one too many times.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Poignant Subject Breaking Up, Anger
Language English Era 2000 and later


For this one last time, I ask of you, please hear me out before we are through.
Whispering goodbye under your breath like a thief in the night steals a sunset.

Starting today the life of a broken man gets thrown away. Open these eyes to a new sunrise. I'll love you forever, but now...goodbye.

So many miles given to you. This road now ends; I've paid all my dues.
A promise in vein soon found it's death. So much for trusting and holding my breath.

"Forever after" and all the I love you's lost in the fire and now black and blue. Open these eyes to a new sunrise. I'll love you forever, but now...goodbye.

I have been taken but not too far gone. I have been had, but not for so long.
I'm coming back to life much more sound. I wanna know how it feels to come around.

"Together forever" little white lies. Seemed like the thing to believe at the time. Open these eyes to a new sunrise. I'll love you forever, but now...I gotta say...goodbye.

Lyrics Shawn Tallard Music Shawn Tallard
Producer Shawn Tallard Performance Shawn Tallard

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