30. None (Austin Tyl3R / Starburst)

Song Description

Blend of Gothic, hard rock, and electronica.

Song Length 4:16 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Gothic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enraged, Troubled Subject Spirituality, Existence
Similar Artists Trent Reznor Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2012 Wesley Dinwiddie/Starburst

I cannot trust, distrust I must
Dishonesty is king
Yet truth I lust, from birth till dusk
Its courage I must bring

Ascending stairs through sun drenched tears
Yearning is my muse
My dreams now rust in angel dust
Its truth I must refuse
Stop Telling...lies, lies, why

None to wisdom none too soon
None for you and I
None, Nothing answers questions like
Those who ask just why
Nothing breathes like absence in
The quest to kill the lies

The principle, the wretched full
Survive upon their dreams
With planted seed, on hope they feed,
Believing it would seem
Stop Telling...lies, lies, why

None, None to wisdom none too soon
None for you and I
None, Nothing answers questions like
Those who ask just why
None, None for never, none forever
None for you and I
Nothing breathes like absence in
The quest to kill the lies

I cannot trust, distrust I must
Dishonesty is king

None, None to wisdom none too soon
None for you and I
None, Nothing answers questions like
Those who ask just why
None, None for never, none forever
None for you and I
Nothing breathes like absence in
The quest to kill the lies

FINALLY, a Heavy Metal song in the Heavy Metal category! Most of what I'm hearing when reviewing isn't even close, but this song is rock solid (pun intended). Overall the mix is very good - I'd prefer a thicker drum sound but this still works. Lead vocal is appropriate in tone, quality and volume for the genre and I enjoyed listening to the song (twice in fact). The eerie backing vocals are a nice addition and a couple of the panning effects were quite a pleasant surprise.

Very classic sounding heavy metal effort. Love both the guitar and drum work. The guitar interludes are really great. Really kickass chord changes.

Great overall package of a song. Instruments sound good and mixed well together. The vocals lack some passion. There were times that the pitch was off. I feel like the vocals are holding back too much for this style of music. Lyrics are a bit elementary.

This song is really ripping! I really dig the vocals, the musical dynamics, the lyrics are strong and the vibe is excellent. The small drum breakdown at a minute before the chorus is really awesome and the song overall really takes me places. Production is real pro. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Wow awesome pro all the way.kick ass heavy tune

there is a raw power with this band and with this song very interesting. band seems tight, singer has the voice and guts and the song is high energy. good luck

More metal than hard rock. Great intro, lovely fat metal guitar sound. Good vox. Nothing wrong with this. Very professional.

Great vocals. Nice full sound. Nice changes. What else can I say, great tune.

good song, recording, layout, & arrangement of overall song

Great song! Singer knows his sh*t! Vocals are tight and really fit the song well. Very riffy song which is always cool. Solo is catchy and well played. The arrangement is perfect. The song never got old. I'd like to hear more from this band. I think I already have..... Great job!

Lyrics Wesley Dinwiddie/Starburst Music Wesley Dinwiddie
Producer Wesley Dinwiddie Performance Wesley Dinwiddie
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None by Austin Tyl3r (aka Wes Dinwiddie) & Johnny Starburst (aka Jay Carney)

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