08. Whaling City (Starburst/Loveless)

Story Behind The Song

I've spent many a night bellied up to the bar, side by side, thick with fisherman returned from their latest trip. Having been born and raised in the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts, proud in its rich history in the whaling and fishing industry, I wanted to paint a song picture to capture the vibe of what this all means, particularly since governmental regulations have devastated the local industry and caused many of my friends to lose their jobs and businesses as a result. The song attempts to immerse you in the feel of all of this.

Song Description

attempting to capture the very essence of the soul of the New Bedford fisherman intertwined with lengthy history of whaling/fishing industry in New Bedford, MA

Song Length 4:39 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Heartbreaking Subject Existence
Language English Era 2000 and later


WHALING CITY -Starburst/Loveless

Pounding waves, misty haze
Sea legs in their prime
Weathered rough skin unshaved
The cold numbs my mind
Cod and salt stain my clothes
Calloused hands work the nets
Nerves are frayed like a rope
The years ain't got me yet
Risky days, haunting nights
On the edge of destiny
Fighting Mother Nature's plight
Ripping holes right through me
In an ole Whaling City SouthCoast Massachusetts
where my heart has found a home
mighty seas kiss the land
in this place we call our own
In an ole Whaling City SouthCoast Massachusetts
Hard times we've endured
Blue collar through and through
The Salty winds have cured
This first mate and crew
My old man and Granddad
Worked their whole lives at sea
As a boy and a man
They taught these skills to me
Casting lines out in the sea
For the thrill of the fight
Bringing home our catch for fees
Tough as nails, life's alright
Forty days walk these boots
Forty nights wear my gear
Forty days stand my watch
Forty nights face the fear

More than a song, this tune paints a picture. Beautiful piece with very pleasant and relaxing vocals and tons of soul. Instrumentation perfect for a piece like this.

I really enjoyed this. It painted a musical picture in my mind. Love anything with a dobro and/or mandolin! I chose "unique" for an appropriate category because this song could cross over into quite a few genres.

Incredible feeling in the vocals. Love the mandolin. Great lyrics and story in the song. The instrumentation alone evokes an amazing feeling of sadness. Second time through the lyrics hit me just as hard.

There are times when you can just sit back and enjoy a song you are reviewing just for the sounds sake. This was one! Your voice was such a pleasure to listen too. The story tells of a place not far from me and I lived near those who toiled and at times lost their life working the waters. I not often have the urge to sing along but I did with this one. It had a feel of a modern sea chantey

An amazing track, great vocals, instrumentals sharp, and right on. Very sad melody, which really moves this song.

Lyrics Loveless/Starburst Music Loveless/Starburst
Producer Martin Young Publisher Starburst
Performance Alan Thornhill and Martin Young
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