Who stole the sun

Story Behind The Song

I havn't seen the sun in a few days thought i'd create a song

Song Description

I havn't seen the sun in a few days thought i'd create a song

Song Length 3:36 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Rock
Similar Artists Tom Petty, good feel


who stole the sun

Dark & grungy Yay!!!

Help, I'm trapped underneath a very very large rock, I can't get out,it really sucks , can't see a thing under this goddamn rock.. . someone please get this rock off of me ... I cannot see the son.

This has a nice rhythmic feel and the instrumentation works well.

I like the 'Who Stole the Sun' idea very much. The gritty vocal works really well against the cool, melodic instrumentation. I like the introduction of block vocals at 1.23...that works so well. The instrumentation is sublime with great lead guitar thrown in to the mix at 2.20. All in all very strong stuff.


I like the tone of the vocal, gravely and dark. Nice groove and lots of open space in the mix.

Lyrics Michael Reardon Music Michael Reardon
Producer Michael Reardon Publisher Michael Reardon
Performance Michael Reardon
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