Story Behind The Song

I lived in a boys home back in 1983-85 it was called Greentree boys home. Thought what a good time to write about it.

Song Description

Great feel track

Song Length 4:56 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting Subject Pride, Life
Similar Artists Tom Waits, The Wallflowers Era 2000 and later


we use to walk in the cold
we use to dream
but that never came, never came
we use to love Saturday nights
very few had someone, someone
we use to talk all night
that's yesterday

when it rains it pours down
let's make it out of here alive
some crazy place
some crazy place
in Greentree

we use to make phone calls
just to see who was home
we would cry
from time to time
wishing we were home again

when it rains it pours down
let's make it out of here alive
some crazy place
some crazy place
in Greentree

Some musicianship involved without question - felt like possible late 60's early 70's Alt Rock / Night club vibe

I love the percussion in the song and the tone of the vocalist

The instrument mix was interesting with organ, drums, and bass. Not something you hear every day. The singer sounds a bit like Bruce Springsteen, although he is quite pitchy throughout the song. The lyrics were understandable.

It's obvious from the outset that this is one tight band that has been playing together for a long time (or sounds like they have anyway!) I really like the drum intro. It sets the song up nicely. This is a song of the past "We used to ..." Lots of memories.

Very unique sound. Puts me to mind of Tom Waits. I love the keyboard instrumental.

This song and band has a live natural and very organic feel to it which takes on it's own life and has a way of sucking you into it. It's rough in it;s way but very real, and that is not a joke. Vocalist is somewhere between Waits and Springsteen, with bits of Wilco, a little rough, but honest. In a different era I'd say you had a shot at commercial success, as is I could see this making it into some highly atmospheric spot in film or TV.

I really like the arrangement and the lyrics are great, the voice is very unique and is very genuine. I love the drums as well.

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