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The road never ends, keep walking

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Good feel song "The road don't end" just be happy. Guitar, bass and drums

Song Length 3:10 Genre Rock - General
Similar Artists The Wallflowers


Gonna get the best start
sooner or later
it's gonna be alright
once we get a little further
well the road won't end
guess we'll keep walking
it's gonna be alright
once we get a little further
yeah it's alright
yeah it's alright

The doors won't open
till we get it right
we'll be here all night
till we get ahead
yeah it's alright
yeah it's alright

The road won't end
till we get a little further
my eyes went dim
couldn't see what we were after
we kept on running
till we couldn't no more
well it's alright now
till we get a little further
yeah it's alright
yeah it's alright see less

from Cool kids under the lights, released December 2, 2017

Lime the flow of the music and the feel of the singer voice. Nice Job

Loved the sound alot and proves not all rock needs to be full of distortion to sound good. Singing was good and in tune, guitars were ace, drums were good and solid. I can see this being snapped up for a teen film, ot TV programme for sure, if it hasn't already. Great work folks and keep it going. It's something I would buy and listen to for sure.

This sounds like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, which is very cool in my Book!! Has that great rolling feel the Neil uses quite often, but again it sounds really sweet. Really look forward to hearing more from this Artist!! My only suggestion, try to get the vocal mics and any additional mics sounding a tad clearer. With the right recording equipment, this would be Killer! Terrific Job!
Thanks for sharing your music Sir!!

Very good song. Sounds very Tom Petty-ish, and that's certainly not a bad thing. Great guitar work and hook makes you want to keep listening. Wish there was more music like this out there these days.

sounds like an early 70's band, kind of loose Stones feeling
you've got the basics down here

Nice vocal, I like the doubling. Simple but effective instrumentation and arrangement.

I think if the late Tom Petty had a surrogate kid with John Mellankamp's wife this song would be their child. And I mean that in a good way. Cool tune all around

Lyrics MReardon Music MReardon
Producer MReardon Publisher MReardon
Performance MReardon
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