Music turns me on

Song Description

Music makes us all feel good

Song Length 2:56 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Punk
Mood Delighted, Sociable


Sitting around with my friends
who wants to work
when we can play all day
I'm plugin in
I'm turning up
I'm breaking all the strings

Its not the disco
its not the rock
Its whatever you want
I feel it in my knees
I feel it in the air
without it cant bear no more
a place to get away for sure
The music turns me on all night
The music turns me on all night

thinking of a song
but I know to many
we just write and go

I'm plugin in
I'm turning up
I'm breaking the strings

Chorus x2

A bit Marilyn Manson in places. Good build up for the chorus.

Well the intro smacks you in the face. Great bass and drums. I like the moody vocal and the lyrical sentiment in entertaining. Nice changes at 1.03 and 1.10. Lovely guitar tone..lovely short solo. Sound quality and mastering are excellent.

I like the beat and the sound of the drums, also very cool driving rhythm guitar - sounds a little like the Cars.

Very well put-together effort. Just a good kick-ass song. Just a straight-forward song like "Listen To The Music" that just celebrates this art form that we all love so much. We need more songs like this around. Good job!

This song starts off with a good vibe, great percussion and bass send off. It's about the release/fun time the artist has just playing music with friends...a great topic. I like the simplicity of the message and how the artist brings it across. The more/sure rhyme works in a fun way.

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