Southern Cali Made

Story Behind The Song

First Song I ever recorded in a real studio. Big group effort in this process. One of my Favorite Songs. It's TIME that a MEXICAN came in the Game to tell it how it is!

Song Description

I love my Faith, my Culture, my People, Mi WFAMILIA... I give all glory and credit for my success to my GOD. I represent where I AM from but I always bring it back to HIM.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rap - West Coast, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Sociable Subject Region, Celebration
Similar Artists 2Pac, Ice-T Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later


Southern Cali Made

I haven't sold a million copies
and my enemies already want me dead
they're trying to take their time to misconstrue
what I've said
I just came straight from the Valley of the shadow
you think I'd be afraid if they wanted to go to battle
I've seen the kind of things that make your knees rattle
It's in that place in between
imagination and a dream
it's in the Visions that I've seen
THey took me to the dark places
where I couldn't see
You won't believe that types of things
I got protecting me
I represent the NAME
that brings Light to the shame
I AM both the blind and the lame
I was made to walk with both
the Wild and the Tame
and just like Three can be ONE
in the same
I'm changing Seasons
Just like the Sun and the Rain
Just got me some Land
I'm bout to put my stake in this claim

Cus I'm Southen Cali Made
Mexicano stepping in the SUN
from out the shade

In the Game of Life, I was dealt a bad hand
A solitary child became a Solitary Man
Then as I was growing up starting to expand
I became a mad man
with a mad plan
Cus I turned it around
Now I got the world in my hand Man!
The Beauty of the Struggles that you learn to fight
You gotta Learn to love the Combat to stay Alive
So I got bruises on my Soul
and I got scars on my Heart
But Destiny Made me and I'm perfect for this part
So let the Game start
Cus I'm Southern Cali Made
Mexicano stepping in the Sun
from out the shade
Both sides of the Border got me getting paid
So what you gotta say
you never seen it coming
like I'm putting it down
I know you love that Perfect Shade of Brown
I just love the way it sound when its goind down

CUs I'm Souther Cali Made
Mexicano stepping in the Sun
From out the shadeX4

Can you believe I'm pulling money out the sky
and it's not a do or die
I do it alive
cus when I die
then there's time for the Other Side
but as for now
and Down to Ride
Wanna follow me?
then come inside
I garuantee the LORD_GOD
will be Glorified
cuz I believe it from the Start
I Promise to GOD and Cross my Heart
You won't believe what I made
Praying in the dark
I was given a gift
If Hip-Hop is a Form
then I'm the Art
Representing Mexican Familia
West Coast California
The Southern Part

Horale Vato

Cus I'm Southern Cali Made
Mexicano stepping in the Sun
from out the shade
Southern Cali Made

Lyrics SO_LOW_13 Music SO_LOW_13
Producer SO_LOW_13,M.Hokit,A.Garrett,J.Miller Publisher SO_LOW_13

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