Song Description

Introductory song for SO_LOW, describing what he stands for and how he rolls.

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Cool Subject Party, Stardom
Similar Artists 2Pac, Ice Cube Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later


First Verse:
I got the heart of a Lion, the eyes of an Eagle, 13" hundred spoke Impala or Regal. Straight Represent for my Mexican people, coming Old School like the Book of Ezekiel, you just found my style, now go find me an equal. So_LOW_13 creeping up out the set, the first flow is free then I come to collect, my enemies know I'm the one they can't get, like that Highlander Baby, they can't cut my neck. They're making mistakes while I'm coming correct, there's no guns or knifes, it's your chin I'ma check...

Cuz I'm so Down that I'm Low to the Ground...
They Call me SO_LOW_... They Call me SO_LOW_

Verse 2:
I'm killing off the six and converting the nine. I know it sounds like mathematics but it's really a grind. Sometimes I gotta repeat myself like three or four times, but that's a part of the prime, when you're ahead of the time. I'm the Bird Tamer Homeboy, I'm setting out traps, Making pure heat from some solid cold raps..


Verse 3:
Everytime I leave, I know it's meant to be. The memories of me are written on my sleeve. I told her that I love her but knew it couldn't be. I couldn't stop pursuing the G I'm meant to be. I take it from the country to the middle of the streets. They think I chew tabacco how I'm spitting at these beats. I only kept her warm from the Desperado heat. She couldn't understand how I'm SO_LOW yet so complete.


Verse4 (bi-lengual)
I'm harder than a Pit bull and Lion to manage, no Hablas Ingles, yo hablo in Spanish. I change up the Lengua, my enemies vanish. Soy puo oro, Azteca and Spanish, Mi gente comprende, you speak in my Language? Emme, Mestizo, yo soy El Patron, From the city to the farm, I'm gettin it owned and gettin it on, even Talabanese want me cuz they heard I was the bomb.

Hook: End

Lyrics SO_LOW_13 Music SO_LOW_13
Producer SO_LOW_13, A.Garret, J.Miller Publisher SO_LOW_13

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